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Image from Baldersnäs Herrgård, Sweden


A Star is Reborn 


Review by Craig of microMUSICreviews

Crafted on Garageband and iPhone, mAncient from Norway delivers ethereal genius throughout his 2020 release. The quality is total, a cut above. He calls it "EARTH HOUSE" and that's accurate, it's of this planet but something new and enchanting is offered. It's healing music! And I don't mean twee, it's seriously Zen, awe inspiring.

I love every track, the electronic palette and tempo varies and your mind will travel to deep and mysterious terrains, some clubby and urban, others out of this world. And so... there I was chilled still when "A Star is Reborn @ Hotel Odeon" commenced. A true wow moment!

As an artist, mAncient has history, lineage. He's wise, a monk, a healer and make no mistake when his guttural bluesy chanting starts to bubble under the soundscape of this song you will be blown away. No apology for a cliche there! You need to hear this, soak it up, the ancient paths, the compassion, the beauty. Enough said! Check it out. Essential!

Being a monk

“What sort of monk are you?” I am often asked. And I find it hard to reply. 

I am just a monk. I used to call myself a Christian-Buddhist monk, as I find a lot of wisdom in both traditions. But, so do I in lots of the other. 

So, I am simply a monk. Of my own denomination. I am a member of a congregation - click the button to find out which one.

But to me, religion is about people. Jesus. Buddha. Mohammad. Gandhi. Martin Luther King. Virgin Mary. 

All the Illuminati who have gone before us. Fought their own demons. And conquered them. 

Who am I?

I am just a man, doing what he loves

Without a dog, I would be less of a man.


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